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To implement the Paris Agreement, countries must raise their ambitions and enact concrete measures to make their individual contributions to the global goal. Since its first release in 2005, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) has tracked countries’ efforts to combat climate change.  

On the basis of standardised criteria, the index evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of 56 countries and the European Union, which are together responsible for more than 90% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

The CCPI has been an important tool in contributing to a clearer understanding of national and international climate policy. As we approach the year 2020, when countries need to submit their amended national climate targets (revised Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)), the CCPI aims to inform the process of raising climate ambition.

The CCPI is annually published by Germanwatch, the NewClimate Institute and the Climate Action Network.

About Germanwatch e.V.

Following the motto “Observing, Analysing, Acting”, Germanwatch has been actively promoting global equity and the preservation of livelihoods since 1991. In doing so, we focus on the politics and economics of the North and their worldwide consequences. The situation of marginalised people in the South is the starting point of our work. Together with our members and supporters as well as with other actors in civil society, we intend to represent a strong lobby for sustainable development. We attempt to approach our goals by advocating for the prevention of dangerous climate change, for food security, and compliance of companies with human rights.

About NewClimate Institute

The NewClimate Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability is a Germany-based research institute generating ideas on climate change and driving their implementation. They do research, policy design and knowledge sharing on raising ambition for action against climate change and supporting sustainable development. Their core expertise lies in the areas of climate policy analysis, climate action tracking, climate finance, carbon markets, and sustainable energy.

About CAN - Climate Action Network

CAN members work to achieve their goal through information exchange and the coordinated development of NGO strategy on international, regional, and national climate issues. CAN has regional network hubs that coordinate these eff orts around the world. CAN members place a high priority on both a healthy environment and development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland Commission). CAN’s vision is to protect the atmosphere while allowing for sustainable and equitable development worldwide.


Every year, around 400 energy and climate experts from all over the world support the CCPI by reviewing the national and international climate policies of their respective country. We greatly appreciate these experts’ time, efforts and knowledge in contributing to the CCPI’s unique policy section. The experts are mainly representatives of NGOs who work within their respective countries, fighting for the implementation of ambitious climate policy that we all so desperately need. 

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