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Canada ranks 55th in the CCPI 2020, with very low ratings in the categories GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy and Energy Use. In all three categories, the country is not on track for a well below 2°C compatible pathway. While the country is rated high for its proactive role at international level, experts continue to observe a discrepancy between international climate leadership and national implementation. Rated medium for national climate policy, experts acknowledge efforts by the Liberal government over the past years and especially its ambitious implementation of a pan-Canadian price on carbon in 2019. However, they note that the pushback received from some subnational governments once more highlights the difficulty of implementing climate policies across jurisdictional levels. Climate played a major role in run-up to the federal election at the end of October 2019. Now it remains to be seen whether the newly elected minority government can build upon progress made so far, enhance ambition and put the country on a well-below-2°C pathway.