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Germany ranks number 22 in the CCPI 2018. As the world’s biggest user of lignite, Germany still has relatively high GHG emissions with nearly no improvements regarding GHG trends within the last years and is rated low in this category. Its dependence on coal remains a major decelerator to achieving alignment with the well-below-2°C emissions pathway. The energy use per capita (low) is higher than the EU average but has shown little improvement over the last years. Germany’s renewable growth rates are rated as high but regarding the 2030 renewable energy target, national experts see room for improvement. Germany has taken on an increasingly vocal role within the international climate negotiations and during the G20 summit, for which the country receives a high rating. Domestically, experts criticize their last (and still acting) government for insufficient action on implementing the promises it made into national law in Paris (low rating). 

(The CCPI 2018 takes a closer look on Germany’s performance in this year’s country special in chapter 5).

CCPI 2018 Scorecard Germany