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Just as last year, Italy is among the medium-performing countries, slightly dropping back to rank 26. The country received medium ratings in all categories, showing an overarching lack of effective measures to improve its performance in the areas evaluated in the CCPI. As Italy does not take proactive initiatives in international negotiations, the country receives a medium rating for its international climate policy performance. Concerning national climate policy, experts especially commented on the draft National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), submitted to the European Commission in January 2019 and due to be finalized by 31st December. They note that the draft shows less ambition in emissions reduction than the 2017 National Energy Plan. While the draft NECP sets concrete targets in energy supply (recommitment of coal phase-out by 2025) and in the transport sector (6 million electric vehicles by 2030), experts note that targets are not yet Paris compatible and lack clear measures for their implementation.