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Italy 2019

Italy did not maintain its rank among high-performing countries and dropped to 23rd place in this year’s CCPI. The country receives a medium rating for its performance in the GHG Emissions and Renewable Energy categories. Italy has managed to reduce its energy use per capita considerably over recent years and rates high on Energy Use. National experts criticise the lack of ambition in the targets for emission reductions, renewables and energy efficiency set out in Italy’s 2017 National Energy Strategy. They commend Italy for its decision to phase out coal power by 2025 but note that implementation measures are lacking, and that cuts to incentives and regulatory uncertainty are hampering the renewable energy sector. Given that Italy has joined the High Ambition Coalition statement on the IPCC’s Special Report on 1.5°C, experts hope that this will lead to a more proactive approach in international climate negotiations. Overall, this results in a medium rating for the country’s Climate Policy performance.