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In a very similar picture to last year, Morocco falls one place and now ranks sixth within the group of high-performing countries. The country ranks among the top ten in the categories GHG Emissions, Energy Use and Climate Policy that are all rated comparatively high. In contrast, the country is in the group of medium-performing countries regarding Renewable Energy. However, experts pointed to Morocco’s high ambition with the 42% 2020 target and the 52% 2030 target in the electricity sector. Further factors prompting the experts’ high ratings are the ambitious emissions reduction targets for 2030, currently extended to 2050, and the successful phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies (partly) in 2015. On the other hand, national experts are concerned by a lack of consultation with local communities in large-scale centralised, government-led renewable energy projects, and furthermore criticised less effective climate policy in fields other than energy supply. Morocco’s active role in advocating for least developed countries in international negotiations was rewarded with a high expert rating for its international climate policy performance.