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As in the previous two years, Sweden is ranked fourth and remains the frontrunner within the group of high-performing countries. It receives high ratings in the categories GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy and Climate Policy. In the Energy Use category, Sweden performs low, reflecting the high level of energy use per capita and the lack of a well below2°C compatible 2030 target. National experts criticise Sweden’s lack of an energy use target and only weak incentives for energy efficiency that have limited impact. Overall they commend the country’s strong climate policy framework, including the 2045 net-zero emission target (previously set for 2050), the world’s highest carbon tax and the 100% Renewable Energy target by 2040. However, they caution that even the comparably high ambition of Sweden is not enough to achieve the Paris Agreement goal. Experts highlight that in order to put the country on a well-below-2°C pathway, Sweden’s emissions would need to reach net zero by 2030 and require a decrease in consumption-based emissions. As the country is a strong advocator of ambitious climate action at EU level and one of the strongest financial contributors to the Green Climate Fund, Sweden’s international climate policy performance is still rated very high by national experts.