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United Kingdom

Ranked 7th, the United Kingdom remains in the top ten of this year’s CCPI. The country receives high ratings in all categories. Notably, the UK is showing positive trends in the categories GHG Emissions and Energy Use, and a very positive trend in the Renewable Energy category. Experts noted that in 2019, for the first time renewable energy provided more electricity to UK homes and businesses than fossil fuels. However, data show that the overall share of renewable energy at 10% in all energy sectors in the UK is still rated low. Furthermore, whereas the 2030 emission reduction target is rated high, targets in the areas of renewable energy and energy use are still insufficient and are therefore rated low or very low for their well-below-2°C compatibility. National experts rated the UK’s national climate policy high, especially referring to the June 2019 announcement of net carbon neutrality by 2050 and to the ban of coal power by 2025. Further, they acknowledge the government’s announcement of a new cabinet committee on climate change to drive action to cut emissions. However, experts observe a persistent discrepancy between targets and their implementation as the country is currently off track to achieve its medium term carbon budgets. Therefore, they highlight the need for the rapid implementation of new strategies and mechanisms to put the country on track for reaching its net zero goal. They also remarked that several positive climate regulations, especially in the field of energy use, are at risk with a no-deal Brexit scenario.