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United States

For the first time, the United States of America is ranked at the very bottom of the CCPI. The country receives very low ratings throughout all categories without exception. Experts’ comments show a highly problematic picture of US climate policy in all areas. On the national level, there is neither a target nor a policy for reducing the country’s very high GHG emissions. Furthermore, the country has a very poor public transport system and its farm and forest policies are extremely destructive and thus not sustainable. National experts emphasise that the national climate policy has worsened under President Donald Trump’s administration and they highlight the importance of state-level measures. While renewable energy and energy use reduction targets are in place in some states, these vary greatly in terms of strength and implementation. At international level, the performance completes the picture on national level, with the US acting as a destructive player in international negotiations on all levels. The very low performance is further underpinned by the Trump administration officially having started the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, due to be finalised on 4 November 2020.