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Disclaimer on comparability to previous CCPI editions

Apart from the Climate Change Performance Index 2017 – G20 Edition, the CCPI 2018 was the first publication for all 56 selected countries and the EU that was based on a new methodological design. Due to the progressive change in methodology after twelve years of publication in a row, the editions from 2018 onwards make it possible to get an even more detailed reflection about the countries’ efforts towards climate protection after the Paris Agreement of 2015. Covering all GHG emissions as well as having newly included the 2030 targets and the 2°C compatibility of both the countries' current level and targets in the categories GHG emissions, renewable energies and energy use, the Climate Change Performance Index got a new and more encompassing design. Owing to these changes there is only limited comparability between the results of the 2018 edition and previous versions of the Index. However, the results are comparable with future indices.